Sleepover pranks yahoo answers

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Fun things to do at a sleepover?.

What to do at a sleepover? - Yahoo! UK &.

03.03.2008 · Best Answer: makeovers, movie marathon, fondue, ice cream social, scavenger hunt, hide and go seek with no lights on in the house, bake and decorate cake
Sleepover games, dares and pranks for 6.
28.06.2011 · Best Answer: Play games such as would you rather or tr 2. Have your friend duck tape your wrists, ankles, and mouth and try to escape and vis versa. 3.Make Yahoo! Answers De What pranks can you play on people when.
01.06.2009 · Best Answer: Squirt shaving cream in their hand & then tickle their nose. You can Saran wrap the toilet so that when they pee it runs down their leg

Sleepover pranks yahoo answers

Sleepover pranks yahoo answers

  • STUFF TO DO AT A SLEEPOVER??? - Yahoo!7.

Yahoo! Answers UK Couple
26.03.2010 · We are both 11 and we cant do prank phone calls or anything like that. I like make up but she dosent.
Sleepover games, dares and pranks for 6.
19.02.2011 · Best Answer: Since its on friday. Stay up all night! Talk and get even closer to your friend! Try these ideas -

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